Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Experimentation fail

Tonight I made maacouda, a Tunisian dish with eggs and potatoes. Basically, you mash potatoes, then mix them with a whole lot of eggs and some flavorings, then bake the whole thing. It pretty much tasted like fritatta, which is not my favorite thing ever because it's like eating a sponge dipped in egg. (This may have been my fault for using leftover baked potatoes instead of freshly boiled potatoes.) But the flavor combination really seemed like it should work: potatoes, egg, caramelized onions, olives, and mint. So, I think I'll try making potato salad with those ingredients.

I also made a chickpea...thing. I was determined to cook the beans from scratch, because that's what I did last week and it was awesome. This was not awesome.

We didn't have any dried garbanzo beans, but there was this bag of garbanzo beans labeled "Dalia" in the cupboard. It came from an Indian grocery store that has been gone for so long that its former site is now an empty lot with plants growing on it. That probably should have been my clue that it was time to throw away the bag, but I forged ahead. It turns out that dalia is roasted chickpeas, and The Google said that there are basically two things to do with them: chutney or a dessert called channa dal ladoo.

But I wanted to make soup, so I ignored the recipes and made soup. I've never met a combination of garbanzos, tomatoes, and spices that I didn't like, but it turns out that stale beans will push it pretty far in that direction. sigh.

Anyway, moral of the story: canned beans >>> stale beans.

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